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I’m getting started handling the Google AdWord Campaigns over at ClearGraph. Here’s some of the more interesting tid-bits I wouldn’t have found without talking to the Google consultants.

Ad Extensions are awesome

The content under the ad description are ad extensions. You can place as many as you want without costing you any extra per click. It’s an interesting way to incentivize people to provide structured content compared to the rather tiny description character limit.

Retargeting search ads

You can increase your search ad bid for Google cookied people who previously visited your site. This helps you appear on top more often in normal keyword searches. As a by-product, it also improve ad quality score since they’re more likely to click your ad. Suggested increase was +40%.

Better conversion tracking using position based attribution

Sometimes people will click on more than 1 ad before signing up. By default, only the final ad gets a conversion point. Like a sport’s assists, the “position based” model splits the conversion point between all ads that contribute to the conversion.

Tools > conversion actions > attribution model, pick “position based”.

Track Cross-device conversions

For some reason, it defaults to false.

Tools > settings, check “Include cross-device conversions”.

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