Thoughts: comparing skills, contributions


2 thoughts.
On comparing skills
Someone can always do things better than me and I must learn to have the confidence to accept that. Acceptance means not being reckless and stubborn about my position but also not being frozen and submissive to the status quo.

On contributions
For years I’ve struggled with my thoughts on community service but I think I finally have a question that I need to answer, “How do I want to contribute?”. I need to hold off the loudspeaker of news telling only problems and let myself decide on how to help on my own terms.

Git repo on remote server


I’m beginning to really love git. However, I’m still a newbie especially when it comes to scalable architecture. How do I deploy my files onto my shared server using git?


  1. Be able to SSH into your server without asking for a password
    • Verify or create a public RSA key (on your machine)
      • This is found (on your machine): ~/.ssh/
    • SSH onto your server (via terminal)
      • ssh -p 2222
    • Put the key into a authorized_keys file (on your server)
      • This would be found (server): ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Resources I cobbled together

Pottery Fall 2012


Just got my bowls back from firing. I think they turned out pretty well for being my second class! I love the two-tone yellow-orange. Note to self: Floating red + yellow !

On WebSQL, mobile programming


Been experimenting with Phonegap, but I’ve run into some major struggles with WebSQL and specifically the craziness of clear tutorials/documentation on it. I spent over an hour not knowing why AUTO_INCREMENT wasn’t working before learning that the WebSQL version of that function is AUTOINCREMENT (one word). FYI, there’s several versions of SQL, so search for your specific use case if stuck on syntax errors. Props to twoHard blog for solving that one.

I also want to point out 2 books that have helped tremendously as I learn Javascript and PhoneGap:


Picking a CSS framework.


I really like the 960gs, but I want to make an adaptive site. So I’ve been on the hunt for a css framework that includes 2 things: a set of media queries, a set of grid classes.  It’s been frustrating since many of the frameworks seems to have one but not the other. Of course I want to get this up in < 1 day. So far I think Simple grid is the best followed closely by Skeleton.

Frameless grid

  • Very little documentation. Seems to require LESS framework compiling?
  • Can’t figure out how to use quickly
  • Stack overflow: How to read less css

Less grid

  • Still have to define pixel widths for each media format? slow!


  • based on 960gs
  • Worried about page load, unminified, non-cdn
  • Have to Redefine lots styles.

Simple grid

  • Nice nesting of columns.
  • Seems the easiest to start up.
  • Worried about page load, unminified, non-cdn