Self review, October 2014


Note 11/16/2016: This is 2 years old now sitting in my draft bin. I figure it’s ok to publish. It marks a time of about 6 months into my time at (Ancestry acquisition) from Hotwire. It was me jumping from Designer to Developer which seemed a big change at the time. Now… not quite as much. Maybe I’ll write a followup this year.

(Originally written Sep 26, 2014)

Process and project management
You don’t know the true value of something until it’s gone. I happy about my experience with scrum agile. I can finally see the formal training process is paying off. I do miss having a scrum Master- it’s really important for aligning the different types of team members into common goals that they need to work on beyond the daily stories.

Taking an actual jump into being a developer galvanized a lot of new leaning. I really wonder how much I would have learned on my own without the pressure and exposure via work.
Git and sass are now in my All Time Favorite list. That’s high praise given a year ago I barely knew they existed. Require js and module patterns have finally started to make sense but I’m still having difficulty since different frameworks implement them with slight differences (angular).

With Eduardo’s evangelization, I’ve fully transitioned to designing in Sketch. I love the art boards and accurate effects though I do miss Photoshop’s smart objects.

New Apple Bluetooth Keyboard


Yay!! It’s finally here. I just received my new apple bluetooth keybard. It’s very slim and light. It takes 3 AA batteries and cost me $80 with free shipping. I love it, though I’ll have to get used to the button placement again. I think my toshiba’s keyboard is funny with the ~ button next to the space bar. It’s nice to be back on an apple keyboard.

Dynamic Painting, Folding


I found this group of artists, Random International that created a paint roller so you can literally print on the wall. Check out the video:

They also sell instant labeling tape that you just blacken out parts you don’t need to write messages. Not as cool as the pixel roller but it’s still afun idea.

Unrelated, but interesting on a technical level, this program folds a letter on screen depending on the position of your mouse.